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Questions about project management, community organizing, organic gardening, triathlons, or bike commuting? 

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Digital Project Manager, 2014-Present

I am the Digital Project Manager at Adonit, meaning I'm in charge of our website redesign and usability testing for our digital products. Seeing that we have several product launches and marketing campaigns each year, we determined that the best way to roll out the new website would be on a page-by-page basis. Although that means our site will lack some consistency for a month or two, we're enjoying the process of designing and building a new page every two weeks. 

After spending five years in a client-facing role, it's refreshing to work in a new capacity on an internal team. As the web team lead, I have the advantage of working closely with all of our teams (marketing, sales, product, customer service, and social media) to ensure we're telling the right story about our styluses on our site.