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Austin, Texas


Art City Austin


Art City Austin Green Team 

Working with Art Alliance Austin for a waste-free festival

Green Team Chairwoman 2010 - 2013

Green Team Volunteer 2009 - 2013


For several years, our community garden ran the recycling  and composting effort at Art City Austin, an art festival downtown on Cesar Chavez Street. Our garden received a grant from the Art Alliance for helping with the event, which went towards major projects for our garden (irrigation, green house, mulch, garden lights). 

Our goal was to make the entire festival as waste free as possible.  We typically gathered a total of 2 – 2.5 tons of recycling and compost, meaning we diverted that waste from the landfill. 

We set up recycling/compost/trash stations throughout the festival, and our volunteers were responsible for helping festival-goers sort their waste into one of the three bins.  Most festival goers genuinely want to recycle and compost as much of their waste as possible.  They take pride in keeping their city streets clean, but they need a little guidance concerning which materials are recyclable, compostable, or landfill trash.