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Questions about project management, community organizing, organic gardening, triathlons, or bike commuting? 

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Austin, Texas


Christine Holcombe is a former high school English teacher turned digital project manager who strives for clean lines, a sense of order, and a strong team. Outside of her work at Adonit, Christine also dabbles in triathlons, gardening, eco-initiaitves, her neighborhood association, and being a wife and mom.

Community Garden


Homewood Heights Community Garden

The only non-plot-based neighborhood garden in Austin

September 2008 - Present

Workday Supervisor (2011) and Membership Coordinator (2013 - Present)

Our neighborhood garden is the only truly community gardens in Austin in the sense that we don't run our garden on a plot-by-plot basis. Instead, everyone is responsible for taking care of the garden equally. We have about ten neighbors who comprise the core group of gardeners season to season, and we have another 4-6 neighbors whose participation fluctuates depending on availability. 

In addition to bi-monthly workdays, we also have regular potluck dinners and other special events at our garden, which has led to our garden being the hub of the neighborhood and our community.