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Project Management Meetup


Kickass PM

A digital project management meetup group in Austin

Co-Founder and Organizer

In October of 2013, I attended the Digital Project Management Summit in Philly.  The first of it's kind, the DPMS brought together project managers working in various capacities in the digital space. Rather than being positioned for designers or developers, the conference was focused solely on project management.  

The energy and sense of community I felt among other project managers while at the DPMS motivated me to reach out to fellow Austin PM and conference attendee, Dina Fitzpatrick of White Lion. We started this meetup to replicate the culture and spirit of generosity we experienced in Philly while at the DPMS.

While there are dozens of professional organizations for designers and developers in Austin, there was a surprising dearth of opportunities for project managers to network and hone their professional skills. 

We now have a meetup group with over 80 project managers and growing. Agencies, corporations, and consultants are represented from small and large companies alike. We have monthly meetings where we balance casual conversation with a formal presentation to learn from one another.

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