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Questions about project management, community organizing, organic gardening, triathlons, or bike commuting? 

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Austin, Texas


Christine Holcombe is a former high school English teacher turned digital project manager who strives for clean lines, a sense of order, and a strong team. Outside of her work at Adonit, Christine also dabbles in triathlons, gardening, eco-initiaitves, her neighborhood association, and being a wife and mom.


Info about how Christine Holcombe has worked on eCommerce projects like the Whole Foods Market website redesign.


eCommerce Website Redesign 

Sample project: Adonit Website, 2014-2015

Digital Project Manager 

 Redesigned Homepage

Redesigned Homepage

Project Responsibilities: 

  • Conducting site audit & competitive analysis
  • Creating and revising a sitemap 
  • Informing user interface design
  • Overseeing the design process
  • Negotiating feedback from multiple stakeholders
  • Meeting deadlines for page launch date

Acquired Skills: 

  • Directly managing a team of remote developers
  • Expertise on eCommerce best practices
  • Collaborating with a large group of stakeholders
  • Launching new pages with a phased (quasi-Agile) approach
  • Working as an in-house project manager (instead of client-facing)