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Austin, Texas


Christine Holcombe is a former high school English teacher turned digital project manager who strives for clean lines, a sense of order, and a strong team. Outside of her work at Adonit, Christine also dabbles in triathlons, gardening, eco-initiaitves, her neighborhood association, and being a wife and mom.

Neighborhood Association


Homewood Heights Neighborhood Association

Neighborhood watch, beautification, community building

September 2008 - Present

Neighborhood President 2012 - 2014

homewood heights neighbors

The Homewood Heights Neighborhood Association is a subsection of the larger Rosewood Neighborhood Association in East Austin. Our boundaries are 12th Street to the north, Airport to the east, Rosewood/Oakgrove to the south, and Hargrave to the west.

In the past few years, our neighborhood organization has been active in responding to property crime and drug traffic through our neighborhood. In 2010, through our work with the Austin Police Department, we were able to help resolve a prevalent crime spree in East Austin. Our neighborhood association held internal meetings, met with APD officers, and drastically reduced the crimes of opportunity in our neighborhood. 

We're also working with the McKinley Heights and Clifford Sanchez Neighborhood Associations on several initiatives this year. One of our goals is to undertake a beautification effort in our area by planting tress and increasing the plant life in our areas. We're also planning an initiative to bring art to public places near our neighborhoods.