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Quantitative Research

A qualitative and quantitative research project facilitated by the project management of Christine Holcombe.


Quantitative Market Research 

Sample project: Swift Communications, 2012

Project Manager & Sr. User Experience Researcher



Project Responsibilities: 

  • Creating quantitative and qualitative research plans to gauge info-finding behavior for ski destinations
  • Working with QualVu, a 3rd-party vendor, to conduct remote video surveys
  • Drafting a recruitment screener
  • Developing a remote qualitative discussion guide for video responses
  • Writing a 75-question quantitative survey
  • Creating digestible reports of complex qualitative and quantitative findings. 


Acquired Skills: 

  • Understanding the nuances of remote asynchronous surveys
  • Analyzing video survey responses
  • Assigning confidence intervals to survey questions
  • Analyzing data for statistical significance
  • Establishing a relationship with QualVu (an excellent company and great resource!)